How to Host

How to Host

1.Listing your property:

Describe & photograph: Take some nice pictures of the available space, focusing on the area a ceremony and/or reception could be held.
Set your capacity: Choose the number of guests you can accommodate on your property.
Set your pricing: You choose how much you want to make from hosting. If you usually rent your place out as a vacation home we suggest using your weekly rate as your wedding cost.
Set your availability: Easily set which days you’re available and when you’re not. You can sync your calendar to existing listings you may have for the property on other websites.

2.Planning how your space is used:

Set venue boundaries: Designate certain spaces as on and off limits. You can write your own house rules that the wedding party must abide by.
Meet the couple: When a couple first inquires about a property, you will receive an email asking you to schedule a time to tour the property. You will have previously set your fee to cover this tour cost. If the couple likes the property, they will then request to book through the website.
Coordinate the cleaning: Sometime after the wedding is booked, you will want to schedule a deep clean with a local cleaning company. You have previously set your cleaning fee to cover this cost.

3.Hosting the wedding:

Not required to attend: You can take a day off and relax while the wedding takes place.
Setup/teardown done by wedding party: The couples are aware that this is a do-it-yourself wedding. You will not need to lift a finger.
Keep your neighbors in the loop: Make sure your neighbors are not caught off guard by what’s happening. Be sure to let them know about what’s going to happen on the wedding day.
Be happy, make money: A couple has chosen to celebrate the most important day of their lives in the home you pride yourself in. What a statement about how magnificent your space is! Congratulations!