Owner Guidebook

The three things you should handle as a host:

  • Communication with the couple
  • Being respectful of your neighbors
  • Coordinate the cleaning

Communication with the couple:

As you'd expect, the couple will have questions as they are planning their wedding. You will likely communicate with them leading up to the wedding day. To help answer some of their questions up front, here are some questions you should have answers to:

Where can I park?

If there is no parking available on your property, perhaps you know of a place nearby that they can park at and shuttle from (a church, store, or parking lot).

Where can I put a portable toilet?

If there are not sufficient facilities at your property, the couple will likely need to rent portable bathrooms. Keep in mind that they will want them placed in a convenient, yet subtle, location.

What kitchen supplies can we use?

If you have a kitchen, the wedding party might want to know what supplies you have so they know what they need to bring (bottle opener, anyone?)

Do you have any recommendations for local vendors or rental facilities in your area?

If the couple is not local, they may ask for your recommendation on things such as where to rent tables and chairs, and even caterers. It's okay if you don’t have all the answers, but the couple will appreciate any help you can provide!

Where would you like us to pick up and leave the keys?

Your property’s security is important, so be sure to communicate entry and lock up procedures up front.

Obviously we cannot predict all the questions that couples may ask, but we hope these questions give you a strong head start.

Be respectful of your neighbors:

You should inform your neighbors of your plans to host a wedding as soon as possible. Leave a note (and perhaps some fresh cookies) letting your neighbors know the date and time of the wedding. Your neighbors may have a few questions regarding the wedding, so be prepared to answer:

How late will the wedding be going?

If you have an HOA you will want to ensure you know the time restrictions for events and what the noise ordinances are.

How many people are attending the wedding?

Just like you, your neighbors may want reassurance that you are not hosting an excessive quantity of guests for your property’s capacity, which has the potential to disrupt the surrounding area.

Where will the guests be parking?

If your wedding will be taking up all the street parking in your neighborhood, we suggest having a parking alternative that the wedding party can shuttle from.

Can I come to the wedding?

Your neighbors might be interested in attending the wedding. The answer to this will depend on the relationship you have with the couple, but assume that neighbors are not invited.

Coordinating the cleaning:

Sometime after the wedding is booked you will want to schedule a deep clean with a local cleaning company. You have previously set your cleaning fee to cover this cost.

If you need help, contact us by phone at (509) 863-3155, or by email at connor@weddingsbyowner.com

Happy hosting!